Friday, October 28, 2011

Noah: Becoming the Ark

Parshat Noah:  The mystical tradition sees us as olam katan, a microcosm.  We are all Noah.  We are all charged with creating the conditions for the survival of all creatures – in our inner lives, and in our efforts in the world.  Not only do we live out Noah’s preparation for the Flood, we also are the ark itself.  We are the form by which we can save ourselves from the flood of desires, the push and pull of the habits of mind and heart that toss us about.  The challenge is to turn our attention to the oneness – the fullness available only from connection to all things.  Deep restful attention helps us to attain stability in a sea of change.

May we each become such an ark, weathering the storms of desire and aversion, while sheltering and nurturing creative connection to all life.  

From Rabbi Jonathan Slater’s Torah Study for the Soul: Selections from No’am Elimelekh: 2NENoah  

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bereishit - Love Power

The last word of the Torah is Israel. The first word is bereishit (“in the beginning” or “at the head”.) Combining the last letter (lamed) and the first letter (bet) together,  we get a word which can be read as lev (heart.) From this we learn that love is the power that enables us to move from an ending to a new beginning.

May we look into our hearts and be moved by love to begin again.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sukkot Blessing

Listening to the wind rustling in the schach,
glimpsing the stars,
smelling the tang of the etrog,
I sit
and bless.