Friday, March 11, 2011

Parshat Vayikra - Call and response

Parshat Vayikra: Lev. 1:1. “And the Lord called unto Moses (vayikra el moshe), and spoke to him out of the tent of meeting.  .  .  .”    

The phrase vayikra el moshe links the opening of Leviticus to the revelation on Mount Sinai in Ex. 24:16, the only other passage in the Torah where God “called to Moshe” in these words.  Rabbis Shefa Gold has a wonderful chant “Elecha Ya Yikra.”  To you God I call.  As we slowly and rhythmically sing these words from the depth of our being, let us call to the source of all being.  And in the silence and breadth that follow, may we hear God’s call (nekra vechanenu vaanenu). 

see: for more on Rabbi Gold's chants and chant practice: C-DEEP

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