Saturday, April 2, 2011

Parshat Thazria

Parshat Thazria: There are times in life when it may be necessary to seclude oneself for a time. Tzara'at, which is usually translated as "leprosy," can be understood as a difficult inner journey that manifests as a disturbance on the surface.  Someone with this condition needs to separate from the community for a time in order to pay close attention to those inner changes, which may be the causes of outer confusion.  The blessing of Metzora comes to us as a force of re-integration, recognizing our transformation and returning us to the community. In the ritual of re-entry, two birds are brought. One is killed, to symbolize the old self that has died; and one is set free to express the new self that is born.   

May we know when separation is necessary and when we are ready to return to a new higher self and those we love.  

Thanks to Rabbi Shefa Gold for the teaching.

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