Friday, December 23, 2011

Mikeitz: Cultivating understanding

Parshat Mikeitz: Gen Ch. 41:33  “ So now, let Pharaoh seek out an understanding and wise man and appoint him over the land of Egypt.   

Within a few hours, Joseph emerges from two years in prison, shaves, puts on clean clothes, gives an insightful interpretation of dreams, and is elevated to viceroy of Egypt.  What had he been doing while imprisoned to prepare himself to lead Egypt?  Exactly what he advised Pharoah – he was seeking the understanding and wisdom that rested within him.  Instead of despairing or fighting against the narrow space in which he found himself confined, he turned inward and cultivated discernment.

May we also learn to respond to tight and narrow times in our own lives by seeking understanding and wisdom within.  

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