Friday, January 20, 2012

Va'eira: Responding to the call of liberation

Parsha Va'eira
Exodus 6:9 - Moses spoke thus to the children of Israel, but they did not hearken to Moses because of [their] shortness of breath and because of [their] hard labor.

For me, Exodus 6:9 is an intensely sad line. I picture what could have been, if only. So much misery and suffering could have been avoided if the Isrealites had heard Moses, really HEARD him, and been willing to walk out of slavery right then and there. If they had listened and heard with faith that divine strength would support their freedom journey, they would have been practically free right then. Instead Moses had to bargain and argue with Pharaoh, making it seem as though it was Pharaoh who had the power to grant freedom, when all along it was the Isrealites who needed to listen and act in accord with the divine flow.

 I see this pattern in my own life. Liberation is speaking directly to me, but I do not hear. I think the oppressor or oppressive situation must change first, when really it is I who must take the first step toward liberation.

May we hear the voice of liberation calling to us and have the faith to make one small move to meet it.

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